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RIP Toby

A little goodbye to our Toby (June 27, 2011 - May 15, 2024)

With breaking hearts, we said goodbye to our handsome Toby-boy on May 15th, one of Little Dog's chief canine officers.

In the end, the kidney disease advanced to where we simply had to let him go. Toby was the strongest little dog we ever knew. His life was challenged by epilepsy, but he never let it get the better of him. And he took his medicines (so, so many) with grace and gentleness and resignation. And lived his life in a way that he never let that illness define who he was.

A beautiful big boy, handsomest SFT we ever saw…he had a pure and sweet heart and soul (even through his signature grumbliness). We had many adventures together & he enjoyed all his new experiences, facing it all with boundless curiosity and zeal. And when he gained a sister in 2019, he endured her adoration of him, with patience…and we believe came to love her as well. And they became inseparable buddies in the end.

We believe he was meant to be a part of our family & we did our best to give him a life full of adventures and deep love. We will forever miss his pure and loving heart, his nobility and beautiful soul. 💔

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