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Navigating BC Gaming Workshop

A ‘how-to’ for mastering the Community Grant Program application process
Online Workshop: Thursday, February 15, 2024, 1-3pm (PST)

The Gaming Community Grant program can often be difficult to understand and navigate – both for long-time applicants, as well as newcomers to the process. Gaming’s guidelines and priorities are unlike other funders, and can often be challenging to decipher (especially as they apply to the unique work of our sector/ arts organizations).
For all those who need a “101” on successfully applying for a BC Gaming Community Grant, or those who may have encountered challenges with past/recent applications…this is the workshop for you. Mary Ann will translate what Gaming really means in their guidelines, identify ‘red flag’ language to avoid & common pitfalls, and outline how to ensure your application speaks directly to Gaming’s funding criteria.
The workshop will provide a clear road-map to creating a successful application – for both first-timers and long-time grant recipients.


About Little Dog Creative Consulting (me): 

Mary Ann S. Anderson is a BC-based arts administrator, who has worked in the local cultural community since 1989. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Arts Administration Program, Mary Ann has been the Executive Director of a number of organizations, including arts service groups, galleries, artist cooperatives and municipal government agencies. Mary Ann has considerable experience in public fundraising, and in the development of fundraising plans; in addition, she was responsible for the delivery of the North Vancouver municipal granting program working with 50+ arts organizations for over a decade.

Mary Ann is the founder of Little Dog Creative Consulting (LDCC) (2005), which provides consulting services for a variety of clients in the areas of arts management, organizational planning, capacity building and public fundraising.​

With 20+ years as an arts consultant & grant writer for 260+ clients, Mary Ann has written thousands of grants (including hundreds of Gaming applications) & developed a deep understanding of a wide range of funding programs - providing strategic assessment for hundreds of artists and arts organizations to build their grant knowledge and capacity. In the course of her work, she has forged successful relationships with funding agencies across the country.

As part of the tools and resources that LDCC has developed, Mary Ann has created, evolved and disseminated a comprehensive arts & cultural grants database, the only dedicated arts resource of its kind in Canada:, with (currently) over 400+ grant listings.

Utilizing this content, LDCC also offers monthly grant deadline lists; and more detailed content analysis on Substack (

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