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The BC Arts Council Arts Circulation and Touring program now open

Intake 2 – Opens September 7 | Closes December 14 | Results March 2024.

The BC Arts Council Arts Circulation and Touring program supports eligible arts and culture organizations, collectives and individuals with circulation and touring activities both within British Columbia and outside of the province. Grants received in this program are intended to encourage enhanced professional and artistic opportunities and exposure of BC artists, collectives, and arts organizations regionally, nationally, and internationally. Grants are not available through this program to support projects that are solely or primarily focused on the creation or development of new works or programming.

Key Things To Know:

The program is open to both arts organizations/collectives/indigenous orgs/others, as well as individuals. The 2023 program now has an expanded criteria, offering more flexible options for applicants under three possible funding categories (including the addition of new (pilot) digitization and translation support):

Category A: Outbound Activity

  • The circulation and touring of artistic and cultural works originating from the applicant to specific venues* or events inside or outside of British Columbia.

  • Touring and circulation can be provincial, national, or international in scope but must be at least 80 km away** from the applicant’s home base.

  • The tour or circulation of works must have a distinct destination identified, with written confirmations from hosting organizations and/or venues that list the dates and fees to be paid (including in-kind contributions like travel, accommodations, or other benefits) for the tour or project.

Category B: Inbound Activity

  • The hosting, presentation, and circulation of artistic and cultural performances, exhibitions, and works originating inside or outside of the province to specific venues* or events held in British Columbia by the applicant .

  • The works being presented or circulated by the applicant must involve artists, arts and cultural practitioners, and/or arts and cultural organizations that are at least 80 km away** from the applicant’s home base.

  • Written confirmation from the artist(s) or organization(s) engaged for the incoming activity must list the dates, fees and terms of the project.

*Venues can include: a theatre, gallery, library, museum, festival site/space, community centre, or any other space/site where the activity is taking place.

**Other determining factors such as relative isolation, travel via ferry, cumulative distances, etc. may be taken into consideration

Category C: Digitization and Translation – PILOT

  • The digitization of artistic and cultural works for the purposes of dissemination to and access by the identified communities the applicant serves; OR

  • The translation of literary, dramatic, other written artistic works, critical arts writing, or public programming materials originally created by B.C. artists, arts practitioners, and arts and culture organizations, for the purposes of publication, presentation, or greater access by the identified communities the applicant serves.

  • Works to be translated must be written or created by B.C.-based artists or arts practitioners in any language, and can be translated into any language(s) that will increase exposure or access to the works by identified communities.

  • The works being digitized or translated should have an audience and/or market, and specific circulation strategy identified as part of the project proposal.

  • Requested funds must be for the direct costs of engaging a qualified person to do the work of digitization or translating and related editing. Capital assets, technology, publication expenses and other production-related costs are not eligible for funding.

  • Written confirmation from the individual(s) engaged for the digitization or translation must list the timeframe, scope of work, and compensation.

All Categories:

  • Only activity taking place after the application is submitted will be eligible for support.

  • The focus of this program in all categories is supporting the mobility and circulation of artistic and cultural works and programming.

  • Applications for collaborative projects can be submitted, but specific phases or separate components must be clearly described by each applicant, as the same project activities and expenses cannot be funded through multiple grants.

Grant Amounts:

The maximum request amount to this program is $25,000, AND:

  • Must be 50% or less of the total eligible project budget; or

  • May be up to 65% of the total eligible project budget for projects from applicants that align with the BC Arts Council’s designated priority groups.

Applicant contributions to the project budget can be composed of both cash and in-kind contributions. The maximum request amount is $25,000 but grants typically range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Little Dog Worksheets to download/use:

2023(Dec) BCAC Arts Circulation & Touring Appl - Worksheet
Download DOCX • 115KB

2023(Dec) BCAC Arts Circulation & Touring Appl - Budget Worksheet
Download XLSX • 23KB

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