You can check out my online grant program database for upcoming deadlines — I am currently moving all my Google calendar (see at the bottom below) data to this (new!) Airtable format, which is much more searchable & you can sort by any of the fields shown. I am also working on the table of funder contacts as well. I am working on building this out, so thanks for your patience while I get this populated with all my grant data.

Search/Sort by Funder / Funding Type / Eligibility:

To use the FILTER button, click "Add Filter". This will allow you to select as many filters as you want - you can filter by Funder Type (i.e. Canada Council or BC Arts Council); funding Program Focus (based on your needs or project type, or special funding such "Covid-19 related"); or your Eligibility (e.g. arts group or individual artist). You can also click on GROUP and SORT based on the various fields as well. 

Search Using Keywords: 

Using the magnifying glass on the top right of the table, you can easily and quickly search for special grants and keywords. Just click the magnifying glass and type in keywords!